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Hi friends!

My name is Genevieve Osariemen, and I'm the Founder and creative Director of Sosa Naturals, a natural beauty brand based out of British Columbia, Canada. Our hair care line is specially formulated with Premium Natural ingredients to satisfy the needs of curly hair. Quality is at the core of who we are as a beauty brand, and this is our story...

Long before I founded Sosa Naturals, I was an avid consumer of hair care products, or what my friends and family call a "product junkie" lol! One of the things I realized before starting my natural hair journey, was that a lot of the hair care products available in the market contained harmful chemicals and ingredients that stripped my kinky-coily textured hair of its natural oils, which caused thinning and severe breakage to the point where I had to "Big Chop" a few times.

I began researching healthier, safer, ingredients and their benefits in addressing the needs of my tightly coiled hair as well as those of my curly haired friends. This led me to discover the beauty of natural and organic ingredients that are most suitable for curly textures and meet the daily needs of thirsty curls. The goal of our hair care line at Sosa Naturals is to help you “love your curls, Naturally!”  

Our products are formulated with exotic essential oils/extracts, natural, organic and plant-derived ingredients with highly concentrated formulas for all curl types to achieve optimum results. Our range of products have a perfect balance of moisture and protein, to give you better control of your hair care regimen, while focusing on what your curls need the most for health: Moisture, Strength & Growth!

At Sosa Naturals, we love curls, Naturally! The health of your hair is our focus point. When your hair is healthy, it looks good and feels good which reflects positively on you. 

We are a clean beauty brand and our range of products are made of Natural & Organic ingredients, free of sulfates, parabens, PEGs, dyes, mineral oils and all the nasties!

Genevieve Osariemen, MBA
Founder/Creative Director