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The Bundle | Comprehensive Curly Hair Care


The Bundle is the total hair care package. This bundle is made up of our entire line of curly hair care products which includes our shampoos and conditioners for ultimate growth and hydration to our defining curl cream and Hair oil Blend. The bundle restores strength to hair follicles, prevents breakage, encourages hair growth, deeply moisturizes and defines curls after every wash.

Hair Type: Formulated for Wavy, Curly & Kinky-Coily hair types. 


* Wash hair thoroughly with either of the shampoos working from roots to ends. Rinse out after one or two applications depending on product build-up level in hair.

* Section hair and apply either of the conditioners from roots to ends ensuring the conditioner is properly saturated in hair. For deeper conditioning, leave on for 5 - 20 minutes optionally under a heated cap then rinse out.

* Apply Curl pudding in sections to wet hair after squeezing out any excess water. For properly defined curls, apply to small sections of hair while finger curling.

Style with Leave in Mist & Hair oil blend (can be used to revive second or third-day curls).

These products are Vegan friendly, and free of Parabens, Phthalates, PEGs, Dyes, and Sulfates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

So got the strengthening line & I absolutely loved it.

The shampoo is so cleansing. So much dirt come out of my hair, which is really weird because I washed my hair less than a week ago with a different product so I was shocked to see how much grease & dirt come off my hair when I use SOSA shampoo. Thoroughly cleansing

The conditioner: I love that it can be used as a deep conditioner too. I love the mint Rosemary fragrance. I love the tingles that it gives kind of make you feel like you’re in a spa, you know opening up the pores.

Oh the moisturizer! love it too. Works great in detangling my hair as a result their was minimal breakage after washing my hair.

I am in love with the strengthening oil! So lightweight which is great because it doesn’t weigh down my hair. & again the fragrance is amazing!

I love the shape of the containers. Very sleek and a great space saver.

One critique I have is that while I love that the product especially the conditioner is very thick it was quite hard to dispense from the container. I think a pump system would probably fix that issue.

Overall, I will definitely keep buying this product and see how it improves the health of my hair over time.

We are so glad to hear that you love the strengthening line!

Yes, the shampoo strengthens your hair follicles and gives a thorough clean without stripping your hair of its natural oils!

Thank you so much for the feedback on our bottles for the conditioner. The bottles were designed to be ergonomic and easy to dispense so we’ll definitely be looking into this to ensure ease of use!

Thank you!